For the development of knowledge and technological advances, periodical reviews are required to determine the further scope in clinical practice. This involves the procurement of latest evidence base knowledge and skills for current health needs.

Importance of the Research & up gradation in evidence-based knowledge is inevitable for the best Physical Therapy Practice.

Hence, institute provides a platform to staff members & students to device the novel & advanced skills in order to provide foundation for the future generation.

Institutional Scientific Committee


  • Medha Deo
  • Jui Dave
  • Ashwini Dangi
  • Swati Meshram

Role: scrutinizes & provides the approval for IV B.P.TH & internship projects &

Post- graduate thesis / dissertations.

Institute Ethic committee (IEC)

IEC has been formed as per the guidelines laid down by MUHS.

Role: To regulate & govern the norms of any research project submitted by staff members & post graduate students.

IEC Committee Members

  • Mrs. Smita Deshpande HOD Biochemistry Chairperson
  • Medha Deo, Principal (TPC)
  • Jui Dave, Professor (TPC)