Student Council (2021-2022)

The student council is elected and formed by the students. The General Secretary of the council is nominated by the elected members.

Chairperson:- Dr. Medha Deo (Principal)

Faculty Members:- Dr. Deepika, Dr. Pratibha

General Secretary:-

Cultural Secretary:-

Sports secretary:-

Magazine Secretary:-

Public Relations:-


All students get opportunity to participate in various sports events organized by different physiotherapy colleges. Few students have also participated in various sport events organized by MUHS and represented the college. Some of our students have also represented MUHS at the state level events.

College Fest

Every year annually two weeks sports and cultural events are organized- “ZEAL” and college’s magazine “Enchanteur” is released during ZEAL. It gives a great platform to the students to show their creativity and enthusiasm in various extra-curricular activities.