Physiotherapy Masters Degree
18 Oct 2023



Rehabilitation and patient support for recovery are major facets that play a major role in determining the quality and standard of any healthcare establishment. Physiotherapy is an important sector that supports rehabilitation and patient recovery. Gaining immense value, the global physiotherapy market size has gained a value of USD 15.35 billion in 2o22. Pursuing a physiotherapy masters degree following a bachelor’s degree will be a boon for a great career in the healthcare industry.

This article will help to know more about the career scope after a physiotherapy masters degree.

Physiotherapy Masters Courses at Terna Physiotherapy College:

Terna Physiotherapy College values healthcare in a greater range and hence offers a wide range of physiotherapy master courses for students. This physiotherapy masters degree educates and prepares students in any particular physiotherapy discipline to provide soulful patient recovery support.

Here are the MPT Course details:

Course Description:

A Master of Physiotherapy degree is a postgraduate course in the physiotherapy sector. This course is focussed on educating students about the physiotherapy techniques and nuances to be performed in various medical conditions. This MPT degree is offered in various specialisations.

The Master of Physiotherapy course duration is 2 years which is divided into 4 semesters.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process:

The basic MPT Course eligibility at Terna Physiotherapy College is as follows:

  • Candidates should have completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) from any recognized physiotherapy college.
  • Candidates should have at least scored 50% aggregate score in BPT.
  • Candidates should have completed 6 months of internship after BPT.

Admission to the physiotherapy masters degree at Terna Physiotherapy College is provided based on the Bachelor of Physiotherapy score and entrance examination score such as NEET.

Master of Physiotherapy Specialisations:

The MPT course is provided in a wide range of specialisations and we at Terna Physiotherapy College provide three different types of Masters in Physiotherapy. Here are MPT specialisations offered at Terna Physiotherapy College:

  • Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
  • Masters in Neuro Physiotherapy
  • Masters in Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy

Career Scope After Physiotherapy Masters Degree:

Physiotherapy is a part of the rehabilitation and patient recovery support in the healthcare industry. A physiotherapy masters degree offers a great career scope as the physiotherapy industry is shooting to expand to a global market value of USD 51.37 billion in 2030.

A master in Physiotherapy specialisation offers a wide range of career options in various areas of the healthcare industry and along with certain other fields such as the IT industry, sports sector, etc.

First, let us know the various areas of recruitment after a Physiotherapy Masters degree.

Areas of Recruitment after MPT degree:

The different areas of recruitment that offer a great MPT career are as follows:

  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation Centres
  • Clinics
  • Private Consultancies
  • Orthopaedic Centres
  • Sports Authority and Management
  • IT Companies
  • Content Field

Following the different areas of recruitment, it is time for you to know the top companies and organisations that hire MPT graduates offering remarkable MPT job opportunities.

Top Companies and Organisations in India that Hire MPT Graduates:

MPT graduates have great career prospects in both the public and private sectors. Here are some of the leading public and private establishments that hire Physiotherapy Masters degree graduates for various job roles:

Government Establishments hiring MPT graduatesPrivate Establishments hiring MPT graduates
•       National Ayush Mission

•       Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)

•       Sports Authority of India (SAI)

•       AIIMS

•       Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP)

•       National Institute of Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD)

•       Indian Army

•       Indian Air Force

•       Apollo Hospitals

•       Fortis Healthcare

•       Kinex Medical Company

•       Cult Fit

•       NEMCARE

•       Madras Medical Mission

•       Max Healthcare

Job Roles available for MPT graduates:

A Physiotherapy Masters degree opens the doors for really a large scale of job roles in various areas. Based on the MPT specialisation, there are different physiotherapy job roles.

MPT SpecialisationJob RoleJob DescriptionAverage Salary in INR















Orthopaedic SurgeonOrthopaedic surgeons analyse and plan orthopaedic surgeries based on the reports of the patients such as X-Ray. They decide the required procedures for the patients.13 LPA
OrthodontistOrthodontists deal with analysing and treating any abnormalities in the mouth bone portion such as jaws and teeth11 LPA
Ortho Surgery CoderOrtho Surgery Coder reviews the patient’s status and procedures and plans the billing accordingly.6 LPA
PhysiotherapistPhysiotherapists devise methods both manually and therapeutically to treat post-trauma conditions.5 LPA
Army Medical OfficerArmy Medical Officer assists and treats the soldiers post-trauma and injury in the military camps and hospitals8 LPA









MPT Neuro Physiotherapy

PhysiotherapistPhysiotherapists devise methods both manually and therapeutically to treat post-trauma conditions.5 LPA
NeurologistNeurologists deal with diagnosing and treating neurological disorders. They also treat spinal cord impairments, nervous systems, muscles, and blood vessels12 LPA
Sports Physio RehabilitatorSports Physio Rehabilitator handles emergency injury and trauma cases of sportsmen. They instruct to maintain minimal possible damage at the time sports trauma4 LPA
TherapistsTherapists are involved in analysing, identifying, and treating physiotherapy-dependent problems in the patients4 LPA













MPT Cardiorespiratory

Respiratory TherapistRespiratory Therapist deals with analyzing the respiratory disorder of the patient and prescribing relevant respiratory exercises and therapy for the betterment of the individual.6 LPA
PhysiotherapistPhysiotherapists devise methods both manually and therapeutically to treat post-trauma conditions.5 LPA
Cardiac Surgeon CounselCardiac Surgeon Counsel is involved in analysing the cardiac condition and suggesting the cardiac risks while operating and the preventive measures for the same.6.5 LPA
Cardiorespiratory SpecialistCardiorespiratory Specialist is responsible for analysing and identifying the cardiopulmonary condition and handling it with appropriate rehabilitation practices.6 LPA
LecturerThe lecturer educates the specialised cardiorespiratory physiotherapy practices at the physiotherapy colleges.4 LPA

The job scope for MPT is not confined to India but many top countries like the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany, and many more have great demand for MPT graduates.


In the developing phase of the healthcare industry, physiotherapy holds a great place in patient care and recovery. Pursuing a physiotherapy masters degree will surely provide a successful career in the healthcare industry.


  1. What master’s can I do with Physiotherapy?

There are many specialisations under MPT that one can pursue and some of the popular specialisations are:

    • MPT Musculoskeletal
    • MPT Neuro Physiotherapy
    • MPT Cardiorespiratory
  1. Is physiotherapist a doctor after MPT?

No, a physiotherapist is not a doctor as they belong to the paramedical sector in the healthcare industry.

  1. Does MPT require NEET?

NEET is not compulsory for MPT admission, but certain colleges consider NEET for MPT admissions.

  1. Which master degree is best in Physiotherapy?

MPT Musculoskeletal is considered the best in physiotherapy and it is followed by MPT Cardiorespiratory.