This refers to the specialty pertaining to partial or complete loss of sensation with or without loss of consciousness by administration of a drug, usually by injection or inhalation so as to mitigate pain especially during surgical procedures.

  • The department deals with total perioperativecare of patients before, during and after surgery. It encompasses anesthesia, intensive care medicine, critical emergency medicine and pain medicine.
  • As a part of its Acute Pain Services, the department has expanded its role and scope to cover pain management in acute situations. It has also undertaken partial and complete pain relief in chronic cases as a part of its Pain Clinic.
  • The department is an indispensable part of Perinatology units for relieving labour pain.
  • Undergraduates though have limited exposure to this branch, they are introduced to basic of anaesthesiology, airway management and vascular access procedures.
  • Postgraduates experience a rigorous routine under this department as they have to manage every surgical case right from preanaesthetic fitness to postoperative recovery. They are expected to give round the clock service so as to ensure uninterrupted management of every case.