This branch of medicine deals with all the disorders related to skin and its appendages as well as sexually transmitted diseases in broad sense.

  • It is a specialty which expertises in both medical and surgical aspects in the management of disease.
  • The conditions under purview of this branch include all diseases and cosmetic problems related to skin and its appendages like hair, nails, glands etc. The department also incorporates Venerologyi.e. the branch of medicine which deals with sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.
  • The department has various kinds of lasers, phototherapy units and high-end microscopes. The facilities also include those needed to perform minor surgical procedures.
  • Undergraduates get adequate exposure to all common day to day dermatological disorders on OPD basis and their management protocols.
  • Apart from routine skin conditions, postgraduates are thoroughly exposed to cosmetic dermatology a boon for practice in today’s era. At the end of their course they gain expertise in handling sophisticated instruments and performing all dermatological procedures.